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Graveyard Ghoul (GE)-The living cemetary CD (2014) 12,00 Euro
Released through The Final Gate Records.

Obsidian Tongue (U.S)-A nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time CD (2013) 12,00 Euro (import)

Released through Hypnotic Dirge Records (CA).Feat.guest appearance by John Haughm (AGALLOCH).

-Soul Dissolution (BE)-Pale Distant light (digi-cd) (2016)  12,00 Euro
Throats Productions (Mex) Atmospheric Black Metal (feat. L'Hiver en Deuil memb.) from Belgium.

-Policies.Orders will be shipped (worldwide)  from the Netherlands (excl.shippingcosts.)For more details

Moonspell Rites Promotions releases:

Expected: t.b.a

Moonspell Rites Promotions Compilation Vol.2 Darkened shades grown on Wintersoil.

More than 15 bands, and 39 tracks in total! Bands:Atten Ash,Tomorrow Will Be Worse,In My Shiver,The Coons,Mortal Scepter,Infestum,Dawn of Apocalypse,Decline of the I,Forgotten Tomb,Apostate,Nordwitch,Barshasketh,Seagrave (feat.Harakiri for the Sky member),Jolly Good Company,Nattergal,Fortid,Moloch and more...

Ultimate releasedate:November 2015.

Free digital download which comes with a front and backcover,plus some extras.
Frontcover plus promovideo for the compilation.

Moonspell Rites Promotions Compilation Vol.1 Scorched Earth.

More than 25 bands,and over more than 30 tracks! Bands:Hyperborean,Soul Dissolusion,Poisoned by Life,Ars Macabra,Leproseey,Slaughter Messiah,Malauriu,Bone Fragments,Dawn of a Dark Age,Principality of Hell,Paimonia,GROMM,Mass Hypnosis,Graveyard Ghoul,Dunnock,Edenkaiser,Spiritual Desecration,Serapheum,La-Ventura,Putrid Christ,Temple Koludra,Fathomhell,Barzakh,Obsidian Tongue,As Stormclouds Gather,Endlesshade,Kirkebrann,and more...

Ultimate releasedate:Early december.

Free digital download which comes with a front and backcover,plus some extras.
Download the compilation here:

Frontcover plus promovideo for the compilation.

Statement:However i never will believe there is something like free music,and am against free downloading in general,I agree of terms when saying 'free downloading' when just using it for checking the music out and after that trying to buy the original album release.With this it isn't only for yourself having the original release with money well spent, but also supporting the band releasing the piece of art.Some blindly follow the trend, and don't see the damage it can make by bands losing money cause of it.Paying for new, better equipment ( when bands get better gear through own funds,they can offer YOU (the listener) also better quality in music, the rent of reh.rooms, and the hiring of a recording studio.Remember folks...nothing in life is for free !

Moonspell Rites Promotions Wolfs lair. 
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